tmf is dedicated to the transformation of the food industry and the expanding global health opportunity this represents

we partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs and invest in breakthrough technologies and defensible intellectual assets that can be rapidly commercialized and scaled to bring healthier and affordable nutrition solutions to the market.

our founding partners have established unique collaborations with a world-class network of universities, companies, researchers, innovators, and industry experts. TMF has unparalleled access to the most exciting technologies, early-stage companies, and founders defining the role of food in the new economy of health.

ecosystem & access

we sit at the center of the world’s
best food and nutrition sciences institutions
collaborate with University of California; and
are embedded in the California innovation cluster with access to the global market

our team

a long-standing and highly experienced partnership

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Chris Lai

Founding Managing Partner

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Harold Schmitz Ph.D.

Founding Partner

Stephen Badger

General Partner

Tony Lau

General Partner

Ralph Jerome

Venture Partner

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Carol Dollard Ph.D.

Venture Partner


Industry-leading competitive pricing, optimization and price image management software platform.

Developer of new enzyme ingredients enhancing the bioavailability and bioactivity of protein.

Alternative-protein producer using proprietary clean technologies to provide nutritious, fungi-based whole-cut meats.

Novel carbon-positive waste-to-energy solution. Modular gasification of municipal solid waste into high-value by-products, and electricity.