Ralph Jerome

Venture Partner

Ralph is a Venture Partner of The March Fund, and sits as Board Observer at Meati.

A distinguished Mars Fellow with 31 years of service to MARS Inc (MARS), Ralph served as the former Chief Innovation Officer of MARS Inc. During that time, he pioneered and led the Corporate Innovation function at MARS to provide business segments with competitive edge by defeating barriers to sustainable growth. He established a novel approach to innovation which relied on three pillars of capability: outstanding technical networks, state of the art economic valuation and technology translation teams; created a positive transformational impact on the MARS business.

Ralph was previously the Global Vice President for R&D of the Chocolate Segment at MARS; pioneered design thinking techniques to build strong new product pipelines, conducted fundamental research to support product and process innovation, and disrupted the chocolate industry by aggressively pursuing transformational approaches to improve the cocoa supply chain.

Ralph has a Master’s degree in Food Science from Rutgers University.

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